Is Your Deck Being Devoured?

Is Your Deck Being Devoured?

Find termite inspection services in Chardon, OH & Mentor, OH

Termites can exist silently in your home and can live anywhere from your rafters to the foundation of your home. If you’re concerned that termites may be slowly eating away at your home, Safe Investment Home Inspection, LLC is the company to call. Our Chardon, OH & Mentor, OH inspectors offer wood damaging insect inspections to search for signs of these pests and determine if you have an infestation.

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3 facts about termites you should know

Termites are harmful little creatures that could be destroying your home right under your feet. Here is some information you should know about them:

  1. They cause more than $1 billion in property damage per year in the US.
  2. Depending on moisture levels, climate, and the location of the colony, it could take three to eight years before you notice signs of an infestation.
  3. Wood damaging insects can be difficult for an untrained eye to detect.

Work with Safe Investment Home Inspection, LLC to determine if your home has termites.